viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Prescaler div x 10 MC12013

Hi Paolo,

I built your circuit. It did work but had problems much above 200 MHz.
These problems were mostly caused by too long a cable between the prescaler and counter.

Went to a MC12013 divide by 10 prescaler IC. It worked great all the way up to the 512 MHz limit of my signal generator. It's supposed to be good to 1 GHz.
Only 70 milivolts was needed over the entire 90-512 MHz range.
My HP counter allows one to normalize the display so one can display the actual frequency by putting in a divisor of 0.1. I have an HPIB controller. It + some software allows the display of 11 digits for frequency. I also have a rubidium frequency standard to sync the
counter and signal generator to a very accurate and stable frequency reference. Works great.

73 and thanks for the discussion.

Brian K3KO

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